The Conqueror started our sexual relationship by stroking my hand in the back of a taxi. Not very conqueror like you might say. But a true dominant conquers with kindness. He reassures his submissive that her body and mind are safe with him. And he played his role so naturally I don’t think he realised what he was doing. I certainly didn’t. Unlike the Hunter who laid his clever traps, the Conqueror followed his natural instincts without question and used his kindness to pillage me as a good Conqueror should.

Before the taxi we knew each other in business circles and had worked together on a couple of projects. I had thought he was good looking and infuriatingly laid back. With hindsight I trace the shift in our relationship to an Awards dinner where we sat next to each other. I was driving. He’d had a couple of large glasses of wine. We talked and laughed. I challenged him on things his organisation was doing that I disagreed with. I had suggestions. He seemed to enjoy the banter. I enjoyed his company a lot. I thought no more of it and the next event I saw him at I heard him mention his wife so any thoughts of him sexually were stopped from surfacing. It was a passing attraction that barely registered in my conscious mind. And I don’t think it registered in his either. He says he remembers standing outside the Awards dinner waiting for his taxi and thinking about me. How full of life I was. How twinkly.

Over the next few months he implemented some of the changes I had suggested for his organisation and asked for my involvement. It felt strange because I did very little work and got to take a lot of glory. He would make kind comments about me both in private and publicly and if I hadn’t emailed for a while and then got in touch he would always welcome me back. I only notice now looking back how he would always check what events I was going to with me beforehand. I remember one such event he was giving a presentation. In our email exchange prior I said I needed to leave early for my children and he joked about his disappointment that I would miss his talk. So I arranged childcare in order to hear it. Another time I visited his office to collect some documents from one of his colleagues. He must have seen me leaving from his window and called me on my mobile. ‘I’ll come down’ he said so I left my car and walked back to the front of his building. I felt strange stood there talking to him. I felt guilty. Colleagues walked past and waved hello to him and I felt like they were intruding on a private moment between us. But I walked away and put it to the back of my mind. I was fucking the Young Heart at this point and was failing to notice what was right in front of me.

One of his colleagues invited me to another Awards dinner which I was away for. The Conqueror told me afterwards how disappointed he was about that. How he’d sat at his desk googling me. Knowing he had it bad. About a month later we hosted a joint work event on the day I was interviewed for a very important promotion. He handed me a glass of wine as soon as I arrived. The event began and at just after 8pm I noticed a missed call from my boss. The Conqueror and another work friend encouraged me to call him back (despite being now on my second glass of wine). I did call to hear the great news I had been successfully promoted. The rest of the evening I was walking on sunshine. The Conqueror, another colleague, and I hit the cocktail bar. He and I talked and talked. He put his personal number in my phone. He requested a photo of us (also taken with my phone). I look back at the picture now. His eyes are dark and smouldering. I am shiny and new. Waiting to be conquered. Begging to be.

And so it starts. He already has my personal mobile number and now I have his. He begins to text. Not too much. Not intrusively. But enough to spark my attention. We share photos of ourselves from childhood and teenage years. We share stories. He is unbelievably sweet. I come back from running one day and take a photo in the mirror of my toned abs. I send it to him without thinking. He tells me how good I look. We converse via text while I am in the bath. He talks about massaging me. He asks if I would require a modesty towel. My brain finally clicks into gear. He wants to fuck me …

The next day he invites me to a prestigious event happening that evening. A last minute ticket. I accept and run around like a headless chicken trying to sort childcare. When he arrives in a taxi to collect me I am nervous. I swallow my butterflies and jump in as my usual high energy self. It takes a while for him to make eye contact. I like that he is a little nervous too. We are sat at separate tables and I make the most of being at such a wonderful event with such great contacts. Halfway through dinner I allow myself a glance in his direction only for my gaze to lock with his. His eyes smoulder. My body shudders. I realise how much I want him. Post meal we aim to sneak off to the bar and enjoy each other’s company but we are interrupted by a friend of his who then orders us all a taxi. We drop him first and then the Conqueror and I are alone in the back. He strokes my hand. He runs his hand up to the top of my fishnet hold ups. We arrive at his house. He kisses me softly on the lips before jumping out and closing the door. I see him walk down the path towards the house. I know he will climb into bed with his wife. I feel strange. ‘He has not conquered me’ my mind affirms. ‘Not yet’ my body replies.