I am writing this lying in bed early on a Sunday morning after a wonderful fantasy session masturbating. No toys. Just my clit, my hand, and my imagination. The Conqueror has been edging his way back into my life and yesterday I allowed myself to step into his cage and meet at his house. We kissed, he tried to fuck me, I refused but sucked him off instead (I see a pattern emerging here!) Lots of messages since then last night and this morning. Pushing. Conquering. Owning.

Or at least attempting to. I am growing savvier. I am determining the boundaries of what I will and won’t share with him. He loves my fantasies. I have told him I have been in bed with myself this morning. ‘Did you think of me?’ he asks. ‘How did you come?’ To my brief response of ‘hard’ he starts to probe with ‘Tell me more’…

But I won’t. Because he doesn’t own my fantasies anymore. He doesn’t own my orgasms. I can come without him now. Instead I will share it with you …

The fantasy is a recurring one. It starts with me naked in a warehouse my hands tied with rope behind my back, my ankles cuffed to a bar to ensure my legs stay spread and to allow me to kneel. I am standing. A tall man approaches me followed by a stocky dark man, a young blonde man, and a man hiding behind a video camera. The tall man strokes my hair and my face.

“What a pretty face you have” he says and then “what a pretty mouth” as he runs his fingers across my lips.

“Toby would very much like to have his cock in that pretty mouth of yours.”

The stocky dark man indicates with his eyes that he is Toby. An alpha. He will give me no mercy. I shiver.

The tall man moves on to my body. Running his hands across my shoulders and down my arms. The other men watch. The video running. The tall man’s fingers trail softly around my breasts and then move to gently stroke to the tip of my hard nipple. I shiver again. A little moan escapes my lips.

“Sensitive nipples” he says smiling, “we can help with that.”

He moves his hand down to my cunt and rubs my hard clit with his fingertip. He brings his finger up to his face.

“You smell good” he says, “Aaron will like tasting you.”

I see the young blonde man grin. He must be Aaron. The tall man moves behind me then gently slips two fingers into my cunt and I feel myself clench around him.

“Nice and tight,” he softly whispers into my ear, “I might fuck here.”

Rubbing my clit again as his fingers leave he then thrusts them both hard into my arse forcing a yelp from me. “Or here.” He turns my head so I look into his eyes.

“Or both. I’ll fuck your tight wet cunt and your whore girl arse.”

Toby steps forward. “Enough fucking around.” He grabs my hair to force my head away from the tall man to look into his eyes. “On your knees.” He pushes me down to the floor still looking up at him.

“Good girl,” he says, “it’s polite to look at a man while his cock is in your mouth.”

He’s already unzipped and he pulls his cock out which grows harder in front of me. The tall man instructs him to wait as he places clamps on my nipples and a clamp on my clit. “For your pleasure” he whispers in my ear. The jab of pain subsides once the clamps are on leaving a dull ache of pleasure against my hard nipples and clit. A sharp tug on the nipple clamps bring me back to Toby.

“Listen whore,” his voice is low and strong, “you will take my cock in your mouth and you will suck it good for me. And if you don’t. I will beat your arse until you do. Understand?”

I nod and he tells me to open my mouth. I respond as commanded and quickly his hard cock is thrust deep into my throat. I start to gag almost instantly. He forces my eyes back up to his. “No teeth whore” he commands, “open your throat.” I try but I am still gagging. He thrusts a couple of times before pulling his cock out of my mouth and pulling my head back to look at him.

“That was not what I wanted whore. I’m going to beat you with my belt now. Five times on each cheek. Count them with me.”

He pulls my head between his legs and strikes my left cheek hard with his belt. “One” I whisper softly. The beating continues to 5 and then the right cheek receives its 5. He pulls my head back to the front and my eyes back to his.

“Now, we’re going to try again.”

This time I am ready. I take him all the way to the back of my throat and he grabs fistfuls of my hair and controls the movement of my head backwards and forwards. “Look at me” he commands and my tear-filled eyes look up at him as spit falls from my open mouth. He thrusts harder, stronger. My throat opens wider.

“I’m going to come on your face whore” he tells me as he pulls his cock out sharply and ejaculates all over my nose, lips, mouth, hair. The man behind the camera moves forward filming close to my face as he speaks.

“Look at your face, whore. Covered in come. Such a good, dirty whore for us already.”

The tall man interrupts asking Aaron if he would like to taste my sweet come. Like a puppy he comes bounding forward and they pull me to my feet, my legs shaking from the intensity of my pleasure. Aaron kneels in front of me and parts my legs wider. He tilts his head backwards so his tongue can thrust deep into my wet cunt. He alternates that and circling around my clamped clit. My legs start to shake more violently. I worry I will fall. The man behind the camera moves in close. He talks to me.

“Do you like that whore?” He asks, “Aaron kneeling before you worshipping your delicious wet cunt. Thrusting his tongue into you. Owning you.”

I moan loudly. In spite of myself I start to grind against his face. My head previously lowered in submission looks up and I catch sight of the tall man’s face. His lips slightly curled at the edges the only visible sign of his pleasure watching the scene unfold. He catches my eye and his gaze penetrates to my core. I hang my head back in shame but I can’t stop grinding. I am going to come. The man behind the camera is filming my cunt as it grinds. Another loud moan falls from my lips. Toby is behind me suddenly and I feel his fingers hook into my mouth.

“Quiet whore,” he says, “or I’ll make you quiet.”

Aaron’s tongue thrusts deeper and I grind my clit harder against his face, my legs shaking uncontrollably and my moans muffled through Toby’s fingers.

“Come whore, come for us,” Toby delivers his firm instruction low into my ear and I feel myself come apart from the inside. Release runs through me. My whole body trembles. I start to fall but Toby pulls me back up. Aaron’s head emerges from between my legs and I see his lips and mouth smeared with the glisten of my come. He looks very pleased with himself. He licks his lips excitedly. I want to fall again but Toby’s grasp is firm and certain.

“No time to rest whore,” his voice is as strong as his grip, “we plan to have lots more fun with you …”

To be continued …