I open my eyes. I am stood upright looking through the metal grill of a portcullis grate. It’s dark but through the bars I can make out the stone walls of the castle ruin around me. It reminds me of a castle in my childhood where my grandfather would take me to play. My legs feel weak and I wonder how I am standing. My head is woozily spinning as I come to realise I am tied to the grate. My legs spread wide apart. My arms lifted above my head. Cortisol rushes through me as I start to panic. My body wrenches violently in an urgent effort to free myself. The cable ties restraining me cut into my ankles and wrists and I look up at my arms and down at my legs. My heart races and my mouth goes dry. I am naked. My breasts pressed against the grate with my nipples hardened and exposed through the gaps in the grill. My arse open and inviting to anyone passing behind. I hear steps approaching. I pull desperately against the ties again. My heart pounds so hard and fast I feel it will burst from my chest. My body shakes with the cortisol. My eyes are wide with fear. In the middle of my violent panic I notice, despite myself, my cunt is wet.

“What have we found?”

I hear the deep male voice before I see him looming through the darkness. He’s tall and blonde. The deep stare of an alpha as his eyes lock on mine. Desperate panic shudders fiercely through my body when I meet his gaze. I jerk my eyes away. In the shadows following him come three more men. Wide smiles spreading across their faces as they see me. Helpless. Vulnerable. Open. The tall blonde alpha moves around the ruined wall to take in my back view. I feel his eyes on my naked body and I hopelessly pull hard again at my restraints knowing there is no escape. I feel his lips curl in a smile as he watches me. I snap my head quickly from side to side straining to see him behind me. To try and guess his next move. I can only see the outline of his body in the darkness but I feel the strength of his presence and the intensity of his gaze as it burns through me.

I hear someone approach my front so my head whips round to face a red-headed young man staring at me. He is shorter than the blonde and his face is close to mine so I can see his boyish freckles and mischievous grin.

“You can play with her tits, Rory”

The alpha’s voice cuts through the darkness and the young man’s grin widens. He brushes his fingers lightly against my hardened nipples as they peek through the grate. My cunt gets wetter. He circles around my nipples gently with his forefinger then pinches them between finger and thumb. His pressure is light and pleasuring. I watch his fingers and I feel him watching me. I like watching my nipples grow harder as he touches them. For a moment I lose myself …

A sting to my left arse cheek brings me back. The alpha has struck me hard with his hand. I jerk violently around as much as I can but Rory does not leave my nipples. He moves his head down to use his tongue in replacement of his fingers but panic burns through me once more as I hear the unbuckle of a belt. Footsteps behind me.

“What a dirty little whore you are, waiting here for us.”

His voice is low in my ear and I see the other two men step forward in front of me as if on his cue.

“Dirty little whores get punished.”

I wrench again at my restraints. I use all my strength knowing it is futile. These men will have me. I cannot stop them. They will use me as they choose. My body is strapped here naked ready for them. Rory’s mouth takes my nipples into his mouth and brushes his teeth against them as I feel the first sting of the leather belt on my arse cheek. I yelp and the tall blonde grabs my hair violently and yanks my head back.

“That’s not a scream my pretty little whore. I want you to scream for me.”

The next blow is harder and I do scream. His belt strikes me again and again. I count 20 lashes in total equally split between each arse cheek and as they fall Rory’s teeth pull at first one nipple and then the other. My eyes jerk suddenly from my restraints, to the men watching, to my stretched distorted nipples. My wrenching turns to squirming as my cunt feels slicker with every blow. My wetness intensifies. My pleasure deepens. ‘Look at yourself,’ my mind commands, ‘tied to a grate. Beaten. Nipples slowly tortured. And your cunt is wet. You are a dirty little whore’.

The thought distracts me and I am rapidly pulled back into the present when something smooth and hard presses against my clit. I feel the tall blonde’s breath again against my ear and realise it is his cock against me.

“See how hard you make me,”

He whispers softly and strokes my face gently. Rory moves away from my nipples and steps in line with the other two. The blonde alpha continues to press himself hard against my clit and it feels good. He strokes my arse hot from the beating. His caress feels wonderful.

“I can feel how wet I make you.”

I whimper and squirm and pull again at my restraints. My movements are slower and less aggressive this time though. I am subduing. Surrendering.

In the next moment he thrusts his cock hard into my cunt. I yelp again in surprise and a little pain. His cock is thick and rock hard. He pulls himself out and grabs a fistful of my hair to jerk my head back as before.

“I told you my precious little whore. I want a scream.”

He pushes two fingers hard into my arse. I do scream for him. He twists his hand so his fist spreads my arse apart and he can thrust it deep inside. I scream again. He pounds his fist in and out of me. My muscles feel like they are tearing with every push. I scream. I whimper. I plead for gentleness. His right hand stays clutching my hair as he pulls his left fist out of my arse and moves it to the front of me. He slips his hand between the grate and my body and pushes me with enough force to tilt my hips up towards him. Then his hand is out of my hair and forcing his hard cock slick from my wetness into my tight arse. This time I yell at the top of my voice. I use all the air in my lungs to screech out the word ‘help’. He grabs my hair again.

“The more you scream little whore, the harder I fuck.”

He slams his cock into my arse. He is thick and hard and I feel like I am splitting apart from the inside. I can no longer scream. I whimper. I beg. ‘Please’ I repeat over and over, ‘please’. But I don’t know what I am pleading for. As he fucks my arse in two I feel an orgasm grow within me. I try and shut it down. ‘I don’t want this, I tell myself, ‘I don’t want this.’ But the fire growing in the pit of my stomach seems to tell me otherwise.

“We’re all going to fuck you,” the blonde alpha is telling me, “we will take our turn on your cunt and your arse.”

He leans further in to me so he is whispering quiet and low into my ear. No one else will be able to hear him as he makes me his co-conspirator.

“I wonder how many times you will come my dirty little whore. I feel how much you want to come now.”

He pulls back to use the full force of his body to slam his cock into me again. I feel him jerk inside me as his ejaculation draws close. The fire in my stomach cannot be contained. I cannot fight it. My body shudders violently and the tall blonde pounds harder and harder into me. I want to break in two.

“I’m going to come in your whore arse,”

He announces loudly to the group and I see all three men smirk knowing their turn is coming. He leans back into me one last time and softly whispers,

“Come for me beautiful whore.”

My orgasm explodes inside me. I lose all control. I feel the rush of wet come fill my cunt. He ejaculates in my arse and gently but firmly thrusts two fingers into my damp cunt.

“Good girl”,

He whispers in my ear as he brings his fingers up to my face and runs them across my top lip.

“Taste your sweet come whore. You are mine now.”

I whimper but cannot stop my tongue running itself against my top lip and tasting the sweetness he described. My body has betrayed me. The tall blonde moves to the front as I feel his come start to trickle out from my arse.


He instructs and one of the other men steps forward. His skin is dark. The night almost conceals him. But his eyes spark with anticipation and his smile widens with excitement. He moves around the wall and runs a hand through my hair and down my naked back to rest on my sore marked arse. He moves closer to me so I can feel his breath heavy on my neck and the strength of his body pressed against mine. His hand then moves quickly between my legs and he pushes me backwards into him. He keeps his hand there so my hips are tilted and my face flames as I realise how open my cunt is for him.

“You ready for my hard dick in your cunt slut?”

He asks as he applies more pressure entrapping my body between his firm hand on one side and his strong thighs the other. I whimper ‘please’ again knowing I beg for my release but wondering if I want release from my restraints or release from the orgasm starting to build again …