“Forget Prince Charming. Go for the Wolf. He can see you better, hear you better, eat you better.”

I have had a recurring dream over the past few nights where I am being led naked through a group of men. My hands tied behind my back, my legs chained to a bar, a collar around my neck with a leash used to lead me. The man leading me is weak. He has captured me with the help of other men but he will not fuck me. Instead he leads me here to this alpha den to sell me to the highest bidder.

My captor instructs me to bend over and show my cunt and arse for sale. A ball gag is in my mouth and my arse bears the marks of his previous beating but my eyes are wild. There is plenty of fight in me. When he sees I won’t obey, my captor sits and pulls me violently into his lap. He spanks me hard repeatedly. ‘You. Will. Be. A. Good. Whore.’ He repeats over and over spacing his words between his slaps. Yet when I finally stand again I will not bend. He repeats my punishment this time with his belt. Still I will not bend. He grows flustered and this time uses the cane. Each strike hard and biting as his frustration grows. And yet still I won’t obey. Finally he admits defeat and two stronger men force me over and cuff my wrists in place.

The men in the room come to view my cunt and arse. My captor holds my cunt lips apart so the buyers can see my ‘delicious pink cunt’. He takes them through a running commentary as he also drags a finger across my ‘tight whore arse begging to be fucked’. One man starts the bidding. When asked if he wants my cunt or arse he says both. His voice is firm. Another man offers more for my arse only. The first bidder doubles it for both. Again the other man outbids him and again he comes back. I lose track of the auction and what my final price is but the first bidder owns me completely. I feel flushed and excited despite myself.

My wrists are uncuffed and my arms forced above my head and placed in overhead restraints. The man who now owns me moves to the front so I can see him. He is tall and blonde. His face covered in a thick beard and his torso and limbs thickened with muscle. He looks like a beast. I shudder at the visible sight of his strength knowing all the fight in the world will not stop him taking what he wants. The tenderness of his first touch is completely unexpected as he strokes my hair gently and runs his hand down my body slowly. He leans in to whisper in my ear.

‘I am going to make you come my precious whore. And then I will own you.’

I try to scream ‘no’ through the gag. I will not come I resolve internally. He will not own me. I pull at my restraints with all my strength to show my wildness is not tamed. I will not submit. He strokes my face and smiles.

‘What a beautiful face you have,’ he says softly, ‘such pretty eyes.’

His voice is soft and low and there is enough of a constant hum of conversation in the room to ensure no one hears him except me. He moves back behind me and reaches between my legs. He places a firm finger on my exposed clit. He starts to tease it slowly building the pressure and intensity until I find myself involuntarily grinding against his hand. He slips two of his fingers inside my cunt. His touch is slow and gentle and I feel an orgasm building despite myself.

His fingers leave my cunt and he brings them up to my face so I can see how they glisten with my come. My long low moan is muffled by the gag but I know he hears it and sees the surrender in my eyes. Before I fully realise what is happening his thick hard cock is inside my cunt thrusting deep and hard into me. I try to fight him and pull hard against my restraints but all that does is quiet the room and turn the attention of everyone back to me.

“Watch this,” he shouts to the group, “watch my little whore come while I fuck her arse.”

I yell through the gag and violently wrench my arms in a futile and desperate attempt to free my wrists. I know it is no use as he pulls his cock from my cunt, I am sure glistening too with come, and rams it hard into my arse. My yell this time is guttural, animal-like, and I can feel him smile behind me as he hears it. He fucks my arse with such great force I feel like I am breaking in two. But my orgasm is there and I cannot deny it. It’s like a fire in the pit of my stomach I cannot put out. I want release. He uses his fingers to put pressure again on my aching clit and another low animal moan escapes my lips. I know what will happen. I cannot stop it.

“She’s going to come for me,” he tells the room again, “watch her face.”

Some men step forward as instructed with others staying where they are clearly preferring my rear view. My face burns with shame as I know all eyes in the room are on me. I am still fighting with all my strength. Fighting my restraints, my assailant, my orgasm. But I know the battle is lost.

“Come for me,” he says firmly in my ear and as I feel his cock jerk out his ejaculation inside me, my orgasm explodes. My moan is long and loud despite the ball gag. The release is sweet. For a moment I don’t care where I am.

“And now you are mine,” he says, as he pulls his cock out of my arse, “to do with whatever I choose.”

I hear him step back from me as he calls out to the room.

“I’m done. If anyone else wants her step forward.”

He moves to the front of me and lifts my hung head so my eyes directly meet his deep penetrative gaze.

“I shall enjoy watching over you.” He strokes my face softly again and I rub my cheek against his gentle touch despite myself. “They will use you but I won’t let them hurt you.”

I look into his eyes. I feel ravaged and yet protected. I have met the Wolf …