“I will devour your body.”

The Wolf says to me. His voice firm and commanding. His body tense and strong. I know he has the power to destroy me.

“Yes,” I reply softly with a glint of excitement in my eyes.

“I will consume your mind.”

His voice gains intensity. His gaze penetrating through me to see my inner most thoughts.

“Yes,” a gentle nod of my head to confirm my agreement.

“I will possess your soul.”

His face is emotionless. His voice steady. His mouth unflinching.

“Yes,” this time my reply is barely audible. My teeth gently grip my lower lip.

“Does that make you nervous?”

He asks. His tone and countenance remain hard and firm.

“A little.” I smile tentatively. I am giddy with fear and excitement.

I want his love. And in return I will give him the thing I value most in the world – my freedom. Not because society says I should but because I want to.

Despite my nerves, my eyes never leave his. In his eyes is where I see his soul. That is how I know he loves me.

He is love and cherish. I am honour and obey. Forsaking all others. Until death do us part…