I am a woman approaching 40 who has no idea how to date. Add to that the complication of being a Secret Whore and you see how difficult it is for me to find my Wolf. I tried dating earlier this year whilst fucking the Young Heart and it was not successful nor enjoyable. I met a few men who thought they were Christian Grey but they’d clearly never done more than tie a girl’s hands together. I also met a very nice guy whom my friends said I wrote off too quick but after 3 dates, when he had ventured to do no more than peck me on the cheek, I knew he would never fulfill me.

So last night I started thinking about my ideal first date with you. My Wolf. At what moment I would know it was you. We have dinner. You are charming, sweet, kind. You tell me I am beautiful. You ask questions about me and my life. I talk endlessly about anything and everything and giggle and chatter like a schoolgirl. You listen, smile, and nod. Your eyes drink me in. All of me.

We leave the restaurant with me still chattering away and you touch me gently but purposefully and steer me in the right direction. You walk me to my car. You have already engineered its location by telling me where to park. We get close and I notice how secluded it is. How dark. How anything could happen.

“I want to kiss you now.”

You say. Your voice firm and certain. I turn to you and see your eyes full of fire. You are the wolf about to devour his prey. I giggle nervously.

“Why don’t you?”

I ask. My voice more calm and confident than I feel inside.

“Because I am deciding how you want to be kissed.”

Comes your reply. My knees start to shake a little. I wonder if you know my secret. You step closer. I put my hands behind me to steady myself and feel the roughness of the brick wall behind me. Fuck. You smile teasingly.

“I think you want me to push you hard against this wall and pin you there with the strength of my body. You want me to twist your hair right round one hand and place my other hand against your throat while I devour your mouth with mine.”

You step forward again and place one strong hand above me on the wall. I have no choice but to step back and feel the certainty of the brick behind me. You turn your head to look down at me slowly and I audibly gulp my breath down my throat. Your eyes burn into mine. I can’t look away. I see your desire to own me. It makes my insides weak. I see the strength in your stretched arm above me. I yearn to yield to you. My eyes widen with submission.

Suddenly your mouth is on mine. Your body strong and hard pinning me against the wall as you described. One hand tight in my hair. The other strong around my delicate soft throat. Your tongue devours my mouth. I feel my knees weaken and drop. A long low moan escapes my lips. Oh what it is to be kissed. To be kissed by you …

You release the pressure of your body on mine. Your hand drops from my throat. The other unwinds from my hair. Your soft precious lips leave mine and they immediately feel bereft of your warmth. My mouth left empty with your tongue’s withdrawal. You pick up my bag from the floor and I am unable to recall when it fell. You pull out my key, open my car door for me, and calmly guide me inside. I am shaking and you place a firm supportive arm around me as I climb to sit in the driver’s seat.

“You ok?”

You ask with sweet and genuine kindness. I manage a nod. You hand me my bag and key.

“Be safe.”

You say as you withdraw your arm and step back ready to close my car door. You pull it to start its slow momentum towards closing and time your parting words perfectly just before it finally shuts.

“Until next time beautiful.”