You drive into the car park and reverse into your chosen space. I have been cheeky to you in the car and I know by your silence I am in trouble. I open my door quickly. You in contrast move purposefully and slowly. I stand fidgeting at the front of the car waiting for you.

“Hands on the bonnet” you instruct. I look at you incredulously. It’s barely dark outside and the car park is secluded but probably not for long. But I know the instant our eyes meet you are not to be questioned. I turn and put my hands on the bonnet.

“Spread your hands apart and lower your body down” your voice is firm as your orders come still from your side of the car. I do as instructed. You move around the car so you are behind me. You put your leg in between mine and use it to spread my legs wide apart.

“Keep perfectly still,” you say, “if you want me to be easy on you.”

I gulp and my body starts to tremble. But I keep still as you slowly pull the skirt of my dress up over my head and aggressively rip my knickers off.

“Open your mouth little whore” you say leaning down to me and I do. You roughly shove my torn knickers into my open mouth as deep as they will go.

“Good girl”.

I am perfectly still as you spend what feels like an eternity appreciating my exposed arse. I think you take a photo. My view is completely obstructed by the skirt of my dress and I am desperate to keep still. My cunt is wet. My body trembling. I can taste myself on my knickers.

I hear the unmistakable unbuckle of your belt. My mouth is dry. Here? I want to scream. You’re going to punish me here? But I can’t speak. My mouth is full. All I can manage is a low moan muffled by my knickers.

You stroke my soft naked arse with your hand before I feel the first sting of your belt as a practice. I yelp and my cunt slickens with come. “5 on each cheek baby. I’ll count them for you.”

Each strike brings me closer to orgasm. My knickers muffling my moans which grow deeper and louder. My knees shake uncontrollably. When you reach the last lash you stroke my hot arse cheeks gently and move your hand between my legs to rub my clit. I tilt my hips back and grind against you despite myself.

“Oh what a dirty little whore you are,” you say, “you are so desperate to be fucked right now.”

I moan loudly. You know it’s your thick hard cock I want but you won’t let me have it. Instead you thrust your whole hand inside my open cunt and fist me hard until I am a slutty wet trembling mess held up only by your car. I’m desperate to come. My moans are muffled pleas through my knickers. You know I am close and quickly pull your hand back.

“You don’t get to come yet my little whore,” you lean down to me and pull my knickers out of my mouth, “but you can taste yourself.”

You thrust your hand into my mouth and down my throat so all my senses are filled with the scent and taste of my come. You pull your hand from my mouth, wipe it on my knickers, and place them in your trouser pocket.

“If you are a good girl, I will fuck you here later.”

You turn away and look for the door to exit before turning back to me.

“Make yourself decent little whore. We don’t want everyone to know how desperate you are for me.”

I start to straighten myself up. My body is trembling, my knees shaking, as I smooth my skirt down. My exposed cunt without knickers feels so open and empty. My orgasm is a tense knot at the very pit of my stomach. I want to drop to my knees and beg at your feet. I come and stand next to you and stroke your arm softly with my finger.

“Promise you’ll fuck me here later.”

You turn to me with your deep smouldering eyes and as I glance downwards to avoid your penetrating gaze I see the hard outline of your cock through your trousers. You place your hand under my chin and lift my head back up to look at you.

“Princess, I will fuck your beautiful whore arse here in this car park so hard, you will feel like I am splitting you in two.”

A smile spreads across my face and my heart skips in my chest. I kiss you tenderly on your cheek and whisper ‘I love you’ in your ear as you take my hand and we walk towards the exit door.