It’s all up to me now to keep my whore body happy. I am not making any allowances anymore. I want the Wolf. The man who will give his heart to me and to whom I will offer myself in return. No one else will do.

Yet so far, he has escaped me. I have no idea where he is or how to find him or how long I will have to wait. So it’s time to be satisfied with me. I have described my previous self-pleasure routine. I would seduce myself with candles, oils, music; and then fuck myself stupid with large dildos and vibes. It worked well but it was a reaction to not wanting to need a man for anything. It is different now. I do need a man. A strong man. Strong enough to tame a lion.

And my self-pleasure routine has changed. I have an expanse of toys now. Clamps for my nipples and my clit, plugs, gags, and a range of vibes from slow and small to large and powerful. I like to use a gag on myself. I like to thrust my own knickers deep into my mouth. My mind races with incredible fantasies. I control the build and release of my orgasm. I talk dirty to myself. I command my own body and its urges.

A whore like me will never wait patiently. But I can promise that I will wait alone.