I pull into my drive and my phone vibrates. I click the screen open to see a text message from you:

Come straight into the living room. Remove all your clothes slowly. Wait for me.

My body tingles with excitement and enough fear to start my heart racing and dry my mouth. You must be in the house. I step out of the car, open the front door, and head straight into the living room. It’s dark outside so the room is full of shadows. You said nothing about turning on the light so I don’t. I do as you ask and remove all my clothes slowly. I feel your eyes watching me. I try not to search for you. You will appear to me when you are ready.

I stand naked in the middle of the room and you step forward from the shadows.

“Good girl” you say as you step closer. In your hand I see you holding something. You come closer still and I realise it’s an oversized dildo. It’s huge. With a suction cup on the end. The kind you talked about buying for me to use when you were away.

You bend down and stick the dildo to the floor in front of me. You stand up and stroke my cheek gently. The first contact we have had for a while. You are smartly dressed. Straight from work or maybe straight off a plane. I want to hold you but I know I can’t. This is your time now.

“Pleasure yourself” you say, indicating the dildo on the floor. My eyes widen. My cunt is wet but the oversized shaft is huge. One look into your eyes is enough. I will not disobey. I start to squat over the dildo. I lower myself onto it. I feel it stretching my cunt lips. I move lower. It fills me. I start to move up slowly and down slowly allowing the dildo to fill my cunt completely before raising myself back up. I look up at you and your mouth curls into a smile.

“That’s my whore.”

I let my body take over. My hips grind as I move up and down faster. The giant dildo starts to slide more quickly in and out of my increasingly wet cunt. I feel the fire of an orgasm begin to build.

“I want to come,” I say looking pleadingly into your eyes. It’s been months since you touched me. My body has been aching for you.

“Oh baby, someone forgot their manners.”

You sit down on the sofa and tap your lap. Shit, I think in my head but I dutifully stand up and walk over to you. You pull me over your knee and I receive 5 hard spanks to each cheek. My cunt is so wet I worry I will leave a trail of my come across your trousers.

“Now stand up and grip your knees.”

I do as commanded and hear you unbuckle your belt. 5 lashes this time on each cheek. My legs tremble. The fire in my belly threatening to explode. You finish my punishment but don’t tell me to stand up. Instead you stroke my hot arse cheeks and then move your hand between my legs to rub my hard clit and soaking cunt.

“Such a wet little whore.”

I whimper. I hear you unzip your fly. You thrust your cock forcefully into my cunt. It’s rock hard already. You pull it out quickly and pull me onto my knees.

“Taste yourself,”

My mouth opens greedily as you push your cock inside all the way to the back of my throat. I gag a little. You hold my head firm so I cannot move.

“Suck me good and I might let you come.”

I open my throat wide as you control my head and thrust yourself deeper, faster, and harder. My low moans are muffled by you. Spit runs down my chin. Tears stream from my eyes.

“Look at me,” you instruct and I lift my eyes to yours.

“I like to see your tears my pretty whore.”

You start to fuck my throat harder and harder. I moan as you force my head backwards and forwards with greater intensity. You start to twitch as you pull out of my mouth and use your hand to complete your ejaculation all over my face and my hair.

“Look at me,” you say and I look up into your phone camera which snaps my come covered face for you to enjoy later.

“Now sit on my shoe.”

I look up at you again eyes wide but I do as instructed.


You push your foot harder against my cunt and I feel the laces of your shoe against my clit. I start to grind and feel the friction. I push harder against you to get more pressure. It’s hard work but I am desperate to come. I grind faster. I rub harder. My body takes over.

“Look at me,” you command again and I lift my eyes despite the fact my face still flushes with shame. I keep grinding. I can’t stop. I stare deep into your eyes as I rub myself against your shoe. The laces biting hard into my clit. I let out a low moan.

“Do you have something to ask baby?”

I nod.

“Please let me come,” I plead.

“Grind harder.”

I do. My hips feel like they are on fire as I keep pushing my clit hard onto your laces. Desperate for maximum pressure and maximum friction. I moan again. My body feels like a trembling mass of urges. I am burning from the inside with desire. I grind harder. You push your foot against me again to grant me greater pressure. My orgasm expands in the pit of my belly. I want my release.

At that moment, suddenly you pull your foot away. You see the trail of come I have left on your shoe and its laces.

“Lick my shoe,” you instruct. I look up at you. Your come drying on my face. My cunt aching for its orgasm. What are you doing?

“Lick my shoe,” you repeat slowly emphasising each word and I realise I have waited too long to follow instruction. I immediately lower to the floor and lick your shoe. I can taste my sweetness. My orgasm tightens again in my belly. When? I want to scream at you. When is it me?

You pull me up to my knees and bend down so your face is level with mine. Your mouth close enough to whisper softly in my ear your response as if you can hear my thoughts.