Weddings are interesting events when you are a single divorced woman. I went to one recently and was sat at a table as the only singleton with couples my own age when next to us was a table of young men in their mid 20s having a lot more fun! In the lull between dinner and the first dance, I went to the bar and was greeted there by the groom stood next to a tall blonde man no more than 25. I recognised him only as one of the young men on the fun table.

“Hello there,” the groom greets me, using my first name, “you’re single now aren’t you?”

Awkward question. I haven’t yet had enough to drink for that not to make my face flush a little.

“Yes,” I reply, “why do you ask?”

“Ed* here is looking for a single woman.”

Cringe. Even more awkward. The groom makes the introductions although Ed reminds me we have in fact met before about 5 years ago. He must have just left university then! We shake hands a little stiffly as Ed looks me up and down and I inevitably do the same. By the curl of his smile he likes what he sees and, although the boy is young, so do I. Strong arms, toned chest, deep eyes. We both relax a little.

We converse as a threesome on general topics of conversation before we are joined by some of my friends and Ed leaves to take drinks to his table. The wedding is a large one so we lose track of each other then until we’re both on the dance floor. I see him dancing with another woman probably slightly younger than me. A flutter of disappointment. And then I have another gin and I’m over it and dancing with my usual reckless abandon.

A few more songs and a few gins later and he’s dancing in my group. Blondie comes on. He starts singing it to me.

“One way or another, I’m gonna find ya
I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha”

He knows all the words. And he can dance. I love a man that can move. The look in his deep blue eyes means the world starts to disappear. We’re dancing closer and closer. He never breaks eye contact with me even though his gaze is so intense I find myself having to look away. Another young alpha. How do they find me?

We dance a few more songs and then head to the bar for a drink. We sit out of the way and start to chat. He’s clever. I like that too. Sweet as well. He says he thinks I’m in my late twenties. Cute. He’s clearly flattering me to give me over a decade of my youth back! We go to kiss a few times but every time someone arrives. One of his young male friends. The guy my age here with his partner who already tried to feel me up twice under the table at dinner.

“Let’s go outside” he suggests.

“Good idea.”

We’re in a stately home with beautiful grounds. He stops around the corner but we are still in view of the glass window surrounding the main room the wedding function is in. I move into the bushes slightly. He follows. Suddenly he grabs me and spins me around. His lips are on mine. His kisses fierce and hungry. I feel my knees start to sink. He pushes me down. I know enough to know the gesture and I drop to my knees on the soft ground. His smooth hard cock is out of his fly within seconds and deep in the back of my throat. I like the sound of his slightly unexpected and pleasurable moan. I have taken all of him quickly. The alcohol probably helped.

He thrusts in and out of my mouth enough for tears to start to fall from my eyes and spit run down my chin. Then he pulls me up and spins me round again. He pushes me back against the tree and his hand is deep in my knickers and then hard in my cunt. I moan and let my knees sink again.

“I want to fuck you,” he says. I nod and whimper in agreement.

He pulls my knickers down my legs and I feel his cock rub hard and smooth against me. I close my eyes and wait for the feeling of fullness as he thrusts inside me when suddenly there is a cascade of noise. People. Lots of people coming from the house towards us. He pulls away from me quickly and I yank my knickers up. He pushes me further into the trees as we watch them run past and down into the garden. I start to giggle like a nervous school girl.

“Come back to mine,” he says, turning to look at me with his smouldering eyes.

“No,” I protest, “you come to mine.”

“Where are you staying?”

“A B&B. It’s a 15 minute walk away.”

He nods in agreement.

“I need to get my coat.” I say.

He takes my hand and we walk out of the trees slowly and back into the main home. There are wedding guests around the main door and someone says something about letting off fireworks. That explains the people rush. We walk casually back in and to the cloakroom and collect my coat before we are back out and walking to mine. We chat on the way. He tells me about his current job and how he left his last one. I’m not really listening anymore. I want his hands on me again. I want his body against mine. I want him inside me.

We get back to the small guesthouse and I direct him to my room at the top of two flights of stairs. As soon as the door clicks shut he is on me. Pulling at my hair, my dress, my knickers. I push him back and make him watch as I take my dress off slowly.

“Take your bra off too,” he orders and I obey.

He pushes me to the floor and his cock is back in my mouth. His hands grabbing at my nipples and squeezing them hard between his fingers.

“You’ve got great tits,” he says. For some reason I always love that as a compliment. Better than great arse, great legs, or even great face. I’m shallow. I like a man who likes my breasts. That means he’ll play with them more.

His cock is rock hard in my mouth and he pulls out and pushes me face up onto the bed. He pulls my legs up and spreads them apart before thrusting deep into me. He holds them spread as he thrusts. I moan and moan grinding against him feeling the fire of an orgasm start to build. Suddenly he flips me over so I am on top.

“I want to see your tits,” he says, “it’s a great view.”

“And I always want to please my audience,” I reply as I lower myself down onto him and start to grind. I am horny as hell and he clearly doesn’t want to go slow. His fingers continue to play hard with my nipples as I push myself up and down sliding my cunt along his shaft. Faster. Harder.

“You look so good right now,” he says, playing to my ego as I perform harder for him.

But I never come. I remain on the brink of orgasm but neither he nor I can get me over the edge. Why is that? I have never had a one night stand before, which I guess is what this is, and maybe I cannot. Maybe my D/s has to be built on stronger foundations. I had fun, and clearly so did he, but that elusive orgasm did not return until I pleasured myself furiously the next day back in my own bed. He has my number but I doubt I will see him again.

I shall wait and see what the next adventure brings instead …


*names have been changed to protect the not-so innocent!