“Tie her to this bench”

The dark man instructs. The three men around him pull my naked body now gagged and tied over to the bench. The evidence of my fight as they stripped and tied me is clear to see on their faces and hands. Scratches, swellings, bruises. Even now my body thrashes as much as it is able. Unwilling to give up my efforts to free myself despite knowing they are futile.

They pull me over the bench and tie me face down. They untie my legs and re-tie them spread wide apart. I thrash and kick but the three of them are strong and my movement is minimal. I don’t manage to land a second beautiful kick in the face. They have learnt. They step away and watch me writhe desperately. My eyes are wild. My mouth clamped around a ball gag. The three men look at me smugly. I know I will be punished for the fight I gave them. Whatever they plan to do to me they will make sure they repay me tenfold for their injuries.

The dark man steps towards me. His first touch is gentle. He runs his hand softly up the inside of one leg, around the curve of my arse, and up my back. When he reaches my hair he grabs it forcefully and pulls my head back.

“I hear you have been a naughty whore,” he says with a firm, low voice, “and for that you need to be punished.”

I pull hard against my restraints and yell into my gag but it does no good. All it does now is make my three original captors smile further knowing I cannot escape.

“I will hit you 10 times with my hand and 10 times with my belt,” the dark man continues, “and then let’s see how wild you are.”

His hand leaves my hair and I feel him position himself behind me.


The first slap of his hand hits my arse cheek and echoes around the room. He strikes me again and again. I count the ten in my head and he is true to his word but every strike feels harder and stings further. I hear the unbuckle of his belt and want to whimper. Instead I yell loudly again into my gag.


The sound of the leather of the belt connecting with my naked skin again echoes through the room. The lashes come rhythmically with the same controlled timing as his spanks. The bite of the belt stings. My arse feels red hot. I count 10 and true to his word again he finishes. He runs his hand over my arse cheeks. The unexpected softness and coolness from the touch of his skin feels wonderful.

The dark man moves around to the front of me and lifts my head with his hand under my chin. I try to wrench away but he holds me firm with his other hand in my hair.

“Still wild,” he says, “what lesson shall we teach you next?”

He steps back and looks at my captors.

“Mike,” he says, “fist her.”

Mike’s blues eyes light up. I look at his large strong arm and his powerful fist and start to tremble. His face bears three angry red scratches from my nails. I know he will show no mercy now.

“Cunt or arse?”

He asks and my legs start to visibly shake.


I am relieved at the reply. Mike slightly disappointed. He disappears from view and I thrash my head from side to side trying to see and judge his next move. Without mercy or warning he thrusts his hand into my cunt. First his fingers, then his hand, then his fist. He pushes his fist in and out of me slowly at first and then with increasing speed and intensity. I feel myself stretching around his hand. In spite of myself I feel an orgasm start to build somewhere deep inside me. Somewhere locked away.

The dark man pulls my head up so he can look into my eyes. He sees that deep dark secret place and smiles.

“Are you going to come for us little whore?”

He asks. His strong firm voice low and quiet so only he and I can hear. I pull my head away from him thrashing wildly again as much as my bonds will allow. Fighting him, fighting Mike’s intruding fist, and fighting my own orgasm. Or trying to. The dark man continues to smile and motions to Mike to stop. I see him start to unzip his trousers and notice the bulging outline of his cock. Had it grown hard watching Mike fist me or seeing the fire in my eyes? I start to mumble into my gag. I’m not screaming anymore but not yet whimpering. It sounds like a plea. A plea for release.

The dark man is now behind me. I feel his cock push hard against me before thrusting into my cunt. I am wet. He thrusts hard a couple of times before pulling out.

“I’m slick with your come.”

He tells me before he thrusts himself hard and deep into my arse. A low involuntary moan escapes my lips and is muffled by the ball gag. He appears to like the sound.

“You like that little whore?”

He asks. I start to thrash as much as my restraints allow and I yell into the gag to show I am still resisting. He thrusts harder in response.

“Oh keep fighting. I like it more when you fight.”

My body continues to writhe as his thrusts come faster and harder. My muscles scream. He fucks my arse so hard I feel I will be torn in two. The fire in my belly grows in spite of myself. He knows it’s there. He grabs my hair and pulls it hard to yank my head back.

“Look at them watching you.”

He commands as my eyes come into contact with my three captors. They all grin. One is stroking his smooth hard cock slowly in front of me. Mike is tasting my come on his fingers.

“They are going to watch as you come.”

Again I fight in protest. A guttural moan through the gag as my body pulls against my bonds and the dark man fucks harder.

“Oh yes. Look at them watching you. Watching your whore girl arse get fucked.”

He’s pounding against me now. So hard it feels like he knocks every breath out of my body. I can’t fight the fire in my belly. I am going to come.

“Watch her eyes, watch her come for me.”

His voice is low and firm. My body wants to obey. It is my mind still fighting. His cock is so hard and deep inside my arse. His fucking is so strong. It makes every inch of me ache for release. The whimper finally escapes my lips.

It’s the cue the dark man was waiting for. I continue to whimper as he pulls my head further back gripping my hair and starts short sharp thrusts of his cock into my arse.

“I’m going to fill your whore girl arse with my come.”

His voice is soft and slightly breathless. I return a whimper. The fire builds and builds and then as I feel the twitch of his ejaculation, I feel the sweetness of my own release inside. I am lost for a moment. Lost in my release. The world is gone replaced by empty space. Only the dark man’s voice echoes through the emptiness.

“Look at the whore,” he tells the room, “she is ready for you.”

He pulls out from my arse and begins to remove the ball gag as my captors queue up to start using my mouth …