As I am currently looking for the Wolf without a clue where to find him – I have discovered FetLife. This is essentially a hunting ground for those of us into sex of a different kind. You can define yourself as a dominant, submissive, kinkster, fetishist, sadist, masochist, slave, master, switch, and anything and everything in between.

I started chatting yesterday to a guy in the next town to me. That’s the other thing about FetLife, you can see where people are (or where they say they are!) and join groups accordingly. Some people organise group meet ups. But unlike other dating sites the pace is understandably slow. And the process very selective. I am investing time trawling the groups, looking at what people call themselves, what photos they like and comment on, what fetishes they list. And fetishes are where things get interesting. The guy I was chatting to yesterday started by welcoming me to the site and talking about the beauty of being open about your ‘kinks’. He told me he has a thing for feet. He likes to spend hours sniffing, licking, biting, sucking etc. and the more ‘hard-working’ the feet look and smell the better. We spent time talking about how my feet smelt and looked. I smelt them at his request between my toes and the aroma was like a sweet white wine vinegar. There was also no point pretending my feet are anything other than the feet of someone who runs regularly and has never had a pedicure in my life. He told me that was exactly what he wanted. So while I wasn’t sure how bothered I was about feet, I certainly got turned on by his attention.

He asked me about my kinks and that got me thinking. Lots of things turn me on in the moment. I am an exhibitionist for sure. Talking about feet reminded me of being foot fucked in a very upmarket bar by the Lost Soul. I enjoyed that a lot. I also like submission in a non-sexual way. I loved when the Conqueror would drink wine and dribble it into my mouth. I like playing with pain. The Conqueror once pegged my body and then struck off each peg with the cane including one on my tongue. I love being deprived of an orgasm. Being tortured. Being owned. One of the sexiest things I remember about the Lost Soul was one night we had started fooling around kissing and I told him we couldn’t have sex because I was on my period. He pulled my knickers down and the tampon out and fucked me mercilessly to make it clear that once I had surrendered, there was nothing he couldn’t do to me. What felt so good was relinquishing all my control to him.

So when the Wolf finally appears, if he told me to wash his feet with my tongue I would obey gladly. If he thrust his big toe into my cunt I would pleasure myself intensely from it. If he placed his foot over my face, I would worship its pressure there. All of the above would make me hot as hell for him. I don’t have a foot fetish. I have a Wolf Fetish.