Submissive dating gets tougher and tougher! The men I am attracting on FetLife are missing the most crucial part of a D/s relationship for me. They seem surprised to find that I am a traditional whore who wants to be wooed. There may well be other women who don’t need to play that game before submission; but I most certainly do. You need to win my mind before you can own my body. Now I am a clever whore and my experience has taught me that there is a process for the wooing. Different men will have different approaches but the fundamentals remain the same. At least they do if it is me you want to tie up and use as you choose for hours on end.

The wooing starts with you seeking me out. Whether that is on a website or in real life. Dominant males never seem to have a problem finding me. I must smell of submission! Then you approach with flattery. Lots and lots of it. Bucket loads. Believe me I can never have enough. I know it is part of the game. And yet I want it still. Then comes the manipulation. You describe a scene involving some degree of submission from me. The Conqueror for example described giving me a massage in great detail as we spoke via text when I was in the bath after a run. He deliberately skirted around anything overtly sexual asking only if I required a modesty towel. It made my face blush scarlett. I knew he had me.

Then you heat things up. You ask me what underwear I am wearing. I describe it. You ask me to send you a photograph. I do. You push a little bit further. Perhaps at this point you describe a more submissive scene. You tell me you are thinking of tying my pretty wrists together. You describe that first passionate hungry kiss. I know you want to devour me.

You ask me lots about myself too. My likes. My dislikes. You get inside my head. You tell me you are jealous of any man that has ever touched me. The game. The game. It’s all about the game. I remember telling the Hunter he made me feel shiny and new. It’s like you wash away any other man and all that is left is you. I need that cleansing process. It’s the way I start to belong to you.

Submission is not a way of having sex for me. It is a way of living. Yes it is hard work but believe me I am worth the wooing …