Experienced Dom / Domme couple seek a submissive plaything. Domination of your body, mind, and soul offered. DM if interested. 

That was it. That was all the advert said in the Classified section. I was very new to the forum itself and had only taken a peak out of curiosity. I stopped for the briefest of seconds and then scrolled past it. That didn’t sound like anything I was looking for. I was a novice really. A couple of exciting experiences had made me seek out a world of kink. But that day, as with the days previous since registering, I did no more than silently observe.

That night I dreamt I was tied face down and spread eagled to a wrought iron bed. The bed was bare except for the mattress and I was naked except for a white suspender belt and matching stockings. My knickers had been removed and were thrust deep in my mouth. A man and woman both masked stood over me. I could hear their audible joy at their chosen plaything. She placed a velvet gloved hand on my foot and ran her finger gently across my toes moving slowly up my instep to my ankle. From my ankle her velvet touch moved to my calf, my thigh, and gently skimmed the opening to my cunt. I squirmed with unexpected pleasure and pushed my hips up and back towards her with a low involuntary and muffled moan.

“Soon, my little whore,” her voice as velvety as her touch as she sweetly stroked my pubic hair carefully avoiding any place between my legs that would over excite me. “We will let you come soon.”

I woke up from the dream wet and horny as hell. I rubbed my clit hard until I came thinking of the beautiful masked woman. I wanted her to do more. To tease me. To spank me. To instruct me. In the dream I remembered seeing the beautiful smooth thick shaft of the masked man’s cock before me. Would she have shown me how to tease him, lick him, take him deep into my mouth? Would she have held my head and controlled the speed of his thrusts? I wanted her to …

I went back to the advert. I clicked on the two profile names associated with it. The man first. His profile shot was an image of a dark haired girl whose face you couldn’t see tied with white rope across a bench so she is kneeling with her naked bottom high in the air. She was wearing white suspenders and stockings with her knickers removed. She looked about my build and height. And same hair colour and length. All you could see of him was the top of his suit trousers, his hands unbuckling his belt, and the bottom of his shirt. He looked good. Toned. Strong thighs. I thought about having them on top of me crushing my chest. It made my heart race.

I left his profile and went to hers. I nearly fell off my chair. She was wearing a jewelled mask across her face. Not exactly as in my dream but close enough to make my mouth dry. I closed the internet screen quickly. I felt like someone was watching me. I shut my laptop lid and moved away from the table. My heart pounded in my chest so hard it felt like it would burst out. Domination of your body, mind, and soul. It felt like they already had it. I went back and opened the laptop again. My heart still racing, my throat tight, my fingers shaking ever so slightly. I reopened a browser, logged in, and clicked on her profile again. Her green eyes were visible through the mask and her red painted mouth was beautiful. I wanted to feel her lips on mine. I felt a warm rush of shame to my face as I realised my cunt had clenched and was definitely growing wet. My clit felt achy and hard. “I’m going to have to masturbate again,” I thought to myself. I looked at her profile photo again. Lots of warm auburn hair crowning her creamy porcelain skin. She made me feel dizzy looking at her. Her head rested in her hands which were hidden by black crushed velvet gloves. Oh my. Was that my clit twitching again? Fuck me. I had never felt so attracted to a woman in my life.

DM if interested 

I hovered my cursor over the ‘Message Me’ icon next to her profile. Was I really going to do this? I had to. It was like someone else was driving me. I started to type …


I saw your advert and am interested. So I am messaging you. 

What next? Something about my experience I guess.

I am a newbie. A couple of submissive play experiences have made me realise what I like. I want to try more …

Anything else? I felt like a child. Images of my dream kept flashing back to me making my clit twitch and my insides ache. I clicked Send quickly.

I watched the screen for ages refreshing my browser every few seconds. The ache had spread to my entire body and I sat there with every nerve ending alive and tingling. If I touched myself even for a moment I felt I would explode. Desire pulsed through me like the blood in my veins. Slowly I started to come down from the heights of euphoria and back to reality. Why would she reply instantly? She could be doing anything right now. I went to close the browser but instead refreshed one last time.


My message light flashed. I clicked it open hungrily.

Well hello there. Thank you for getting in touch. It is lovely to hear from you. I would like to suggest that my partner and I meet with you face to face as soon as you can to talk further. Would that be ok with you? 

If it would, please message me a photo of you so we can recognise you. Please also let me know times and dates. 


My body tingled with fear and excitement from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. Would it be ok? Yes, yes, God yes. I didn’t let my mind interfere. I typed back immediately attaching a recent selfie I took of myself at a wedding.

I am free Tuesday evening. Here is my photo.

Send. The light flashed back quickly. I was relieved.

You are beautiful. Tuesday at 7pm it is. We’ll meet at Cafe Bella. It seems appropriate …

Here is my mobile number. 

I sent her mine and added the meeting to my calendar. Today was Sunday. Two days to wait. I should have been petrified but I had never felt so alive …


To be continued …