You lead me to the room and I know the men are following. How many did you choose? I lost count. 7 maybe. Or 8. I know where we are going. I know what will happen. Your strong arms hold me so I feel safe. Every nerve ending tingles. I am delirious with fear and excitement. Is this how a girl feels before her kinkiest, most sexually depraved dreams come true?

Once inside the room the men start to assemble around the bench waiting for your instruction. I’m already naked apart from a pair of black hold-ups and heels you bought for me to wear. You tie me down with my legs spread wide apart and hands behind my back. My upper body cannot move but my head is kept free. So they can fuck my mouth if you want them too. You stroke my hair and whisper softly in my ear.

“Remember your safe signal. I won’t let them hurt you.”

I lean into the softness of your touch. And then you are gone. My eyes search desperately for you but it feels like a sea of men surrounds me. Some have their cocks out already. I watch them visibly stiffen in front of me.

“You first,” I hear you say and a tall black man takes a step towards me. His cock is out in front of me and his shaft smooth and hard.

“Where do you want to use her first?”

“Her mouth” is his deep reply.

You step closer to me and my eyes lock on yours again. I feel reassurance wash through my body soothing the tension in my muscles like a hot bath. You stroke your finger gently across my lips and look at the man in front of me.

“I don’t blame you. Such a pretty mouth.”

And then you turn back to me.

“Open your mouth little whore.”

I do as I am told.

“Wider,” you command and I obey.

“Come whenever you want to,” you lean down and whisper in my ear softly so no one else can hear, “you don’t need permission.”

My body starts to tremble in anticipation. The orgasm of which you speak already starting to build in the pit of my stomach like the spark of a fire deep inside.

Suddenly the dark alien shaft forces itself hard into my mouth. I gasp for air and start to gag. He pushes deeper. Your hand firmly on my back reassures me so I can breathe again. I begin to relax and enjoy him filling my mouth. He touches the back of my throat. You move away. He seems to take that as an opening and he pulls my head back sharply by my hair.

“I like a whore to look at me while she sucks me off.”

He instructs and I dutifully look up at him through my water-filled eyes.

“You, put this in her arse.”

I hear you say and as I take the cock in my mouth deeper I feel the muscles of my arse stretching. It’s a plug. I’ve already seen it. It’s a big one. It’s toyed with gently at first and then pushed in hard. My low animal like moan is muffled by the stiffened cock in my mouth. He’s moving fast now, controlling my head as spit runs down my chin. He’s going to come soon.

“Fuck her pussy,”

Another instruction from you and the man behind me thrusts hard into my wet cunt. I moan again low and deep.

“Concentrate on me bitch,” the black man in front of me demands as his cock starts to twitch in my mouth.

The cock in my cunt starts to match pace with the cock in my mouth. He’s horny as fuck and he clearly wants to come soon too. His thrusts are fast, deep, and hard. I lose myself in their motion. I have never felt so filthy. Never felt so used. The feeling is mind-blowing.

“Look at you, you dirty little whore,” your voice calls out to me as I start to climb with the most intense of orgasms building inside. “All your holes filled. All of us watching you getting fucked. Knowing what a dirty whore you are.”

“I’m gonna come in your face bitch,” the black man warns before ejaculating his salty sticky seed across my cheeks, nose, and chin.

“I’m going to come too,” says the guy behind me. I’ve not even seen his face. And yet his cock is in my cunt. I feel him twitch as he starts to pull out and ejaculates there with his come running around the plug and down my legs.

I’ve not come yet and you know I am close. You step in front of me and pull out your hard cock and I greedily open my mouth for you. You thrust yourself in and gesture to another man behind you.

“Her ass. Fuck her ass.”

I groan loudly as the plug is pulled out and replaced by a smooth hard cock. He takes no mercy as he pushes himself hard into my arse again and again. My muscles scream. My body cries. My waiting orgasm heightens. I suck greedily on your cock. You keep it shallowly in my mouth teasing me. The harder I am fucked in my arse, the more my hunger grows for you in my mouth. My orgasm builds and builds. I whimper desperate for you to fill me. I look up at you and you smile. I know you will let me have my satisfaction. I have earned it. But not yet.

The thrusting in my arse reaches a fever pitch and I feel his cock start to twitch.

“You like her tight little whore-girl ass?” I hear you ask the man behind. A breathless yes in reply.

“Come in it then.”

Now you let me have you. You thrust yourself hard and deep in my mouth as I moan louder and louder. My arse burns and I feel him start to come. You thrust harder and my orgasm reaches the point of no return. Hungrily consuming you and your orgasm, mine explodes through me like an atom bomb. Ripples of destructive power vibrate through my body. It is earth-shattering. I have never come so hard. Moments pass and the intensity continues. I feel your come in my mouth. My mouth greedily sucks in every last drop as I finish my climb. My body starts to fall.

I am back in the room. I don’t know how long I left it for but it felt like forever. You stroke my hair gently as you pull your cock from my mouth. You turn again to the room and I am suddenly aware of the sea of stiff hard cocks that still surround me. Some already satisfied yet starting to rise again.

“Her ass again.”

You command and all I see is a thick smooth white shaft move around me.


I look up at you questioningly. You stroke my head again.

“More little whore.”

You say softly as you beckon another man forward and guide him to my mouth.

“You can take much much more.”