“You’re not to wear any knickers today,” he tells me this morning.

I have a day of very important meetings which he knows as he watched me brief myself the night before. Lots of power people, mostly men, in one room all day. The thought of wearing no knickers makes my insides tighten with nervous exhilaration. We’ve had a wonderful 24 hours of sex (with a bit of work & sleep in between!) He’s learnt to choke me in just the right way to send intense orgasms cascading through me. He’s come inside me for the first time which made me feel like the happiest girl on the planet. For a reason I have chosen not to delve into, previously he had only ever come with me when he was wanking himself. Sometimes I would be licking his shaft and balls while he came in my face. Sometimes he would be fingering me. But mostly I would be whispering in his ear a vivid description of our shared group sex fantasy. But now he has come inside my warm wet cunt. Oh happy day!!

So when he tells me I am to wear no knickers, I agree submissively. I shower. I start to get dressed.

“It’s freezing outside,” I say, “my cunt will get cold.”

“Ok,” he says, “wear knickers then.”

Still the Apprentice.

“No baby,” I remind him, “if you tell me to wear no knickers, I wear no knickers.”

I am horny as fuck now on a train coming home after a day of meetings. Without knickers. I have also made the mistake of reading Tall Dark Dominant’s new Chapter of Hera. I’m worried my wetness will seep through my dress and into the seat. All I can smell is me. I feel so alive.

He rings me. I’m off on a work trip next month to Scandinavia and he’s coming with me. He’s found some sex clubs for us to visit. There’s something mind-blowingly exciting about that. A tall blonde thickly built Scandinavian fucking my tight whore-girl arse while the Tyrannosaur chokes me. Dear Lord, am I really about to orgasm on a crowded commuter train without any knickers on? He’s desperate to see me fucked by another man. To prove I am his whore. That he can lend my body out as he chooses.

The question is, am I ready? He may still be my Dominant in Training but in our group fantasy he is the Master and I the Apprentice. I want it, oh God do I want it, but I’m not sure I feel safe enough with him yet. I want him to read me better. Read my emotions as they are physically displayed through my body. Know the subtlest of differences between sublime orgasmic enjoyment and fearful out-of-control panic. It’s a knife edge isn’t it?

I am a whore-in-training. This is my test. Will I trust him enough to let him have my body to give to others for our mutual pleasure?  Then I truly will be his whore …