For the first time in this blog’s short history I have decided to change a lover’s persona. He started life as The Tyrannosaur and now he’s The Fighter. Because he’s back. And, like The Goonies, he never says die.

I asked the universe for a man whose love for me was greater than his ego and The Fighter has shown me the greatness of his love again and again in so many ways. Including ways he is not used to. A man whose come on line was ‘Can I stick my dick in you?’ has written a beautiful card (with the help of the Internet!) to show me how precious I am to him. I wanted to see his commitment to change. I am seeing it in abundance.

I know many men whom the world will view as great. But this man is the only one brave enough to love a woman like me. He knows what I am and what I will always be. And yet he loves me still. The payback is worth more than the payoff.

Having told most people in the real world we have ended, we have decided to keep our reunion a secret until we are sure. Of what I don’t know. Our minds are so strong and so stubborn that we both fear another fuck-up somewhere along the line. For now my house is full of flowers he has sent, my phone full of sweet messages, my heart full of his love.

He fights for me because, to him, I am worth fighting for ….