Having just made myself come whilst travelling away from home, I thought I would write a list of all the things I love about my desire and I …

  • My open mind. I will try anything and I’ll also know quickly if I like it or not
  • My natural sounds. I moan and whimper even on my own. I love the noises I make when I am enjoying the pleasure of the moment
  • My sensitive nipples. They drive me wild and I have not had a partner complain either!
  • My submissive body language. You would be in no doubt that I wanted you to take control. Again partners love that about me. Whether through my eyes, my slightly lowered head, or leaning in my body to you: I will empower you to take command of me
  • My tight whore-girl arse that craves the feeling of having my muscles stretched around a plug, dildo, fingers, or best your thick cock. Heaven!
  • My ability to orgasm. I can come from nipple teasing, even kissing if you get it right. Again often commented on. I love to come on demand and feel the tension build and release in my body
  • The sweet taste of my pussy. Best enjoyed from your fingers or tongue
  • The smell of my come. I can sometimes smell it all day. I call it the smell of my sex. It’s incredibly arousing
  • My mouth that begs to be filled. Ball gag, knickers, tongue, fingers, cock. Whatever you use, I love my mouth being filled and silenced
  • My aching pussy that will have me promising you the world in return for a hard fuck
  • My dark desires. We have a love-hate relationship but I’d be boring without them and this blog wouldn’t exist!