I have been fighting a battle of seduction. It’s a battle I have lost. I have been bewitched by the Devil.

He’s another married man. A man tempting me back into that fantasy world of stolen nights. Of hotels and dinners and sex and seduction. I don’t want that again. I want something real. But this man is more tempting than anything I have ever experienced.

He’s gentle and firm. A natural dominant. Last night he sat on my chest pinning my body down while he softly stroked my face. He drove me wild. My body writhing under him as the strength of his body restrained me. He teased me. He owned every inch of me. Flipping me over. Spanking me. Using his thumb to stretch my arse. Bringing me to the point of no return. He had me begging to be fucked like a dirty whore.

Then in the morning, his affection was limitless. Stroking my hair, my back. Kissing my head, my face. It was wonderful. Blissful. Beautiful.

But he is still married. And as bewitching as he is, that fact will not change. He can own my body but my heart has to remain out of his grasp.