Lying here this morning I was thinking about all the aspects of BDSM I love most and decided to bring them all together in my alphabet of kink!

A is for Anal. Licking, fingering, fisting, fucking. I love it all!

B is for Bondage. As soon as I am restrained I fall deeeeeeep into sub space

C is for Cunt. A word which used in a man’s mouth in the right way becomes one of the most powerful words on earth

D is for Dirty. My body and its filthy urges need to be controlled. I need the strongest of strong men. Any takers? 😉

E is for Exploring. I love having my limits pushed. How far would you take me?

F is for Fucking. Hard. Fast. My mouth, my cunt, my arse. After you’ve teased me to the point where I am begging for your hard cock to satisfy my insatiable lust

G is for Gag. Your hand, my knickers, a ball gag – it doesn’t matter. I am loud and I need to be muffled!

H is for Heaven. It’s where us submissives are when we seem to be floating on the ceiling. Ask me anything in my post-orgasmic glow – I will tell you nothing but the truth. I will love you in that moment

I is for Incomplete. How I feel inside when I’m not in a BDSM relationship. When I don’t have a dominant to love and care for

J is for Jelly. What my knees will turn to after just one kiss with the man who knows how to dominate my mouth with his

K is for Kindness. What I need you to show me from your heart

L is for Lust. I am tired of controlling it. I want to hand my body over to you. Tell me what to do. Instruct me. Guide me. I am yours

M is for Masochist. I have only ever ejaculated through pain. Bring me to that heavenly place. Push the boundaries of the wonders my body can experience

N is for No. I say it often at the point I know my orgasm is unstoppable. My mind’s desperate attempt to fight the filthy urges of my body. A sign you have made me your whore

O is for Orgasm. I love to come. I can do it through kissing even. Make me work for my release. I love nothing more

P is for Punishment. Nothing compares to that feeling of being over your knee, my bare bottom spanked. I want my punishment limits pushed. I’d like my naked body to be flogged. Especially my cunt. That feeling of total vulnerability …

Q is for Queen. How you treat me when we are out in the world. No reference made to the whore I am when no one is watching

R is for Rope. I am soaking wet at the thought …

S is for Submission. I ache inside to give you all of me. Know that every little step we take is a strengthening of trust and a step closer to owning my body completely

T is for Trust. It’s the crucial foundation without which you cannot build the house

U is for Unconventional. The kind of life I want to lead with you

V is for Voyeurism. Watch me touch myself, satisfy myself. I love the control when a man can stand back and watch me writhe and moan and remain silent and still while he enjoys my pleasure

W is for Wanking. I play with myself a lot. I watch porn. I’d like to know what you do. What you think of. What your fantasies are …

X is for X-rated. I want to know your darkest fantasies and I want to share mine. Let’s explore our darkness fearlessly together

Y is for You. It is all about your pleasure. Use my body as you wish. Show me how to please you. I want nothing more than to be your whore

Z is for Zzzzzz! The peaceful night’s sleep we will enjoy wrapped in each other’s arms after a wonderful evening of play

Now you know your ABCs, who there wants to sing with me? 😉