I know I’m in trouble the moment the garage door swings open. Three large men walk in purposefully and close it behind them. A tall blonde bearded man approaches me and my knees start to buckle. I realise what he sees. A young woman in a thin summer dress stood upright tied by her wrists and ankles to iron girders in the floor and ceiling. I can’t move. I can’t scream. Even as he grows closer and closer.

“Well, well,” his voice echoes around the empty building, “what has Terry left us?”

He is close enough now to grab a fistful of my hair and force my face up to his.

“His pretty young wife. Terry’s left his pretty young wife to pay his debt.”

Fear grips my stomach. What debt? Terry hadn’t mentioned any debt. He hadn’t mentioned much as he restrained me here. I didn’t even bother trying to fight him – my husband was far too strong for me. But not it seemed strong enough to face these men.

“You have a very pretty mouth.”

The blonde man runs his fingers across my lips. Over his shoulder I notice two even broader, taller men behind him. One black and one bald. Both with eyes full of menance.

“What do we think this pretty mouth is worth?”

He seems to be asking his companions but he never takes his eyes off me.

“Your husband owes us a lot of money,” he says, lightly tracing the outline of my lips with his finger. “I don’t think this pretty little mouth could suck enough cock to repay such a debt.”

I jerk away from him, my body shaking now with fear. It is all to clear what they intend to do. I pull at the ropes restraining me but the knots are tied too strong. I want to scream but when I open my mouth nothing comes out.

“Let’s see what else you have.”

He tears my dress from me, revealing my white cotton underwear. He pulls the cups down to expose my breasts and pulls hard at my nipples. Hard enough to produce a whimper from my silent mouth.

“Oh you like that do you?”

He asks slyly before turning to his bald companion.

“Pass me the clamps.”

He is handed something made of shiny metal and the next moment my nipples are squeezed hard. I look down and see two ornate clamps hanging heavily from them. He pulls at them both and I release another whimper.

“Oh we are going to have so much fun.”

He smirks at me before turning again to his companions.

“Let’s see what else she has.”

Both men move quickly behind me and start to untie my hands from the top girder. They hold my body firmly with at least four times the strength of my husband. Fleetingly I think about fighting them but they seem to anticipate and quickly force my body over so my head is by my knees. I am held firmly there as they tie my hands in between my legs to the bottom girder.

Someone pulls the rags of my dress to the floor and quickly rips my white knickers from my body. Bent over, my bottom and pussy visible to them all, I hear them murmur appreciatively.

“Oh yes,” the blonde says, “a lovely wet cunt and a beautifully tight ass. They should be worth at least a thousand a pop.”

I find some fight within me and pull on my ropes desperately. I scream. All that greets me is their laughter.

Suddenly my head is jerked up by my hair and I come face to face with the semi-erect penis belonging to the blonde.

“You’re going to get me hard little girl. And do you know what gets me hard?”

I whimper again knowing any escape attempt is futile. I shake my head.

“Watching pretty girls like you getting flogged.”

With his reply a sharp sting hits my bare bottom. I yelp. It is quickly followed by another. And another. Soon my exposed pussy and bare bottom are both taking the full force of the flogger and with each strike I jerk and yelp. The blonde pulls my head up to now see his fully hard dick.

“Make me wet.”

He instructs as he thrusts his shaft inside my mouth. I gag and fight but he doesn’t stop thrusting. The flogging continues on my pussy and the sting makes me ache somewhere deep inside. My cheeks burn with shame. It feels like an orgasm building.

“Get her ready.”

He instructs the men behind him as he starts to pull his dick in and out of my mouth. An intruding wet finger is thrust into my bottom. Then another. I yelp again. The fingers start to move in and out of my bottom as they move apart. Stretching me out. Ready for use.

The blonde pulls himself out of my mouth and comes round to the back of me. I feel him push against my legs and then suddenly a pain sears through my whole body from my bottom. It feels like I am breaking in two. I scream at the top of my lungs. He grabs my hair again.

“Scream bitch. That’s it. I want everyone to know I have a massive fucking cock pounding your dirty whore-girl arse.”

I keep screaming. I can’t stop as he thrusts harder and harder into my bottom. His body slapping loudly against mine. His hand is between my legs rubbing hard on my pussy. Rubbing my clit. Making my body ache. Making my orgasm climb. Making my knees shake.

“Oh this ass is good,” the blonde tells his friends, “at least one thousand a piece. Maybe two.”

He pulls at my hair again.

“You hear that little girl? You can work off Terry’s debt real quickly with this ass.”

I whimper this time and as if in acknowledgment he presses harder on my aching clit.

“Oh pretty girl, are you going to come for me?” He asks softly. “Are you going to come with my big hard dick pounding your whore ass?”

“No,” I whimper unconvincingly, “no, no, no.”

“You come for me and I’ll wipe all the debt little girl. Come for me. Satisfy my two friends here. And then we are done.”


I whimper again but I know it is too late. He pounds harder as I feel him twitch inside my bottom and pushes his fingers onto my clit. The sting. The burn. The pressure. The ache. It all comes together as my orgasm climbs and climbs.

“No, no, no.”

I cry as I feel him pull out and ejaculate across the cheeks of my bottom. My orgasm explodes inside me and my body shakes and shudders.

“Good girl,” he says as he strokes my hair gently, “I’m a man of my word.”

Suddenly I yelp again as pain shoots through my nipples. I look up to see the black man in front of me with a wide grin. As I lower my gaze again I see his smooth shaft hard for me.

“I like pain too.”

He says still grinning and pulling hard on my nipple clamps once more. I yelp and look up again pleadingly, desperate this time to meet the blonde man’s eyes.

“Satisfy my friends and the debt is paid.”

I hear his final words as the bald man’s fist is thrust into my wet pussy and the clamps pulled hard once more.